ISOMAT is a production company of building chemicals and mortars with multinational presence. It was founded in 1980 and today constitutes one of the most important manufacturers of its sector in Southeastern Europe.

The company produces and distributes over 350 products of advanced German technology with affordable prices. More specifically, it produces and distributes products of the following 6 categories:

1. Waterproofing Materials
2. Paints & Renders
3. Tile Adhesives & Grouts
4. Repairing Materials
5. Concrete & Mortar Admixtures
6. Floorings

In 2012, the company made a multi-million investment for the creation of a production unit of polyurethane-based materials.

All products are developed in the company’s own Research and Development laboratories, in order to achieve the best quality at the best possible price. Every year, the Research and Development department works on a series of new products, based on the needs of each target-market, as well as the technological developments in the industry.

ISOMAT exports its products to over 40 countries worldwide, while owning 6 subsidiaries in Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Slovenia and one affiliate in Spain. The subsidiaries in Serbia and Romania also have production units, in Belgrade and Bucharest respectively.

Today, ISOMAT occupies more than 350 employees in Greece and abroad.emists.